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Goodness, but it's been a while...

Six years ago, I said that I would update the Push/Losers crossover in a few months.  It's been so long that I'm not actually sure where it was going, but I'll update something here soon.  If only because it's unexpected.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

“There are special people in this world. We don’t ask to be special. We’re just born that way.”Collapse )

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm going to be in Rhode Island for the next 12 weeks with little to no internet access, so this'll be the last update for about that long.  Leaving in a couple days, so this update is a bit of a rush job.  Sorry everyone~
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it but the few names you won't recognize.
Notes: One of these days I will write a fic that does not subscribe to the notion that Jensen is the Most Special Loser.  Even if those are fun fics.  Also, The Losers is technically part of the DC universe, so there will be references made.

“Shit,” Jensen says as he looks at Clay, pupils blown wide from the concussion he definitely has and, almost surprisingly, fear. “You weren’t supposed to find out.”Collapse )

Covert Affairs Fic: The Wise Thing

Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Ben chuckles, like Jai’s gun isn’t trained on him unwaveringly.
Notes: Another from the Slash and Trash

He has to do something about Ben.Collapse )

Covert Affairs Fic

Found a comm called Covert Affairs Slash and Trash and they had a prompt of the day that I kind of couldn't resist.

Rating: PG-13 for very vague innuendo
Warnings: Very vague innuendo, maybe a little swearing
Summary: Author's choice prompt #180: clean sheets and the use of the line  "Just hope you have clean sheets...."

When Jai writes up his report later, he will not use the word ‘clusterfuck,’ though he dearly wants to.Collapse )

DCU Mini-Fic: Needless Apologies

Just finished the Batman: Under the Red Hood movie and well.  I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be my reaction!fic.  It is, mostly because the DCU fandom is sadly lacking when it comes to their reactions to this movie.  Initial reaction!text to Delena-chan:

Cut for possible inappropriateness.Collapse )

She didn't say I was wrong, either.

So yes.  Fic for it.  Standard disclaimers apply.  Review will come later.

231 words, cut for definitely inappropriate contentCollapse )


 I'm going to go ahead and admit that I wanted to watch this movie because Mark Harmon was going to be voicing Superman and that was mostly it.  I like DC stuffs well enough (though not enough to give it a separate tag from Marvel in my LJ Memories) and I liked Justice League when it was on Cartoon Network, so even if it was plotless and crappy, at least I would get to hear Mark Harmon make Superman awesome.

The movie was far from plotless and crappy.  Holy wow it was far from plotless and crappy.

Quick disclaimer: I like characters more than plot.  The characters move the plot, the plot shouldn't dictate the characters.  My review?  Totally character-driven.

I couldn't include every character even if almost all of them were super-badass so here are the ones that stuck out the most to me.Collapse )
In closing, awesome movie, good actions, even better characters.  You should watch it, and the special feature on the DVD that talks about how super-awesome Batman: Under the Red Hood is.  Because that's next on the watch list.

Supernatural: Gabriel Drabbles, Redux

Because there was another meme over at the comm almost a month ago and I couldn't resist and forgot to get all my stuff in one spot, the feedback was so awesome.  So here's a compilation of my contributions

For cageyklio , Gabriel and Castiel, BAMF
Yes, he's a Trickster. Yes, he's an Archangel. Yes, both jobs mean that he can kick your ass.Collapse )


For manatee_socks , Gabriel and Castiel, Overprotective

"The Angels As A Mob Family" AU. It went over much better than I expected, so I may continue with it...
An Exercise in Disproportionate RetributionCollapse )


For chef_hector , Gabriel chooses Team Free Will and pays dearly for it

I think this is what people call overkillCollapse )

Someone filled my prompt!! Gabriel picks a side not Team Free Will


SPN Fic: Death Felt 'Round The World

Rating: PG
Warning: 5x19 shouldn't be a spoiler for anyone by now
Summary: Every angel in Creation feels it when he dies

Neither the start of a revolution nor an end to an ApocalypseCollapse )